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Understanding the EPC Core Philosophy

EPC is relentlessly committed to helping dedicated people realize their maximum potential through an integrated approach
to physical training, conditioning, nutrition and injury management. click here for more info

Understanding the EPC
core philosophy

Elite Hockey Conditioning Program

A comprensive approach to strength, conditioning, speed and on-ice skill, our Elite Hockey Conditioning Program is the
premier program for off-ice hockey development click here for more info

Elite Hockey
Conditioning Program

Elite Athletic Development Program

Our Athletic Development program combines professional assessing, top level strength and conditioning training
with top level nutrition click here for more info

Elite Athletic
Development Program

EPC Bootcamps

Stop wasting time and start getting results! Our EPC Bootcamp classes incorporates Metabolic Enhanced Training, customized
meal plans and kick ass workouts to ensure results. click here for more info


Spartan Tough Mudder Training

Looking for a challenge and a great reason to push yourself all summer? Join Team EPC for the September Tough Mudder
in Toronto click here for more info

Spartan Tough
Mudder Training

Rehab and Sports Therapy

The Elite Performance Clinic provides physiotherapy, chiropractic, osteopath and massage therapy. click here for more info

Rehab and
Sports Therapy

Quick news:  Read more
We're hiring independant trainers! ptposition.html
Check out what our athletes have to say about EPC services-athletic-development.html
Nutrition really makes or breaks your results. articles-tips-eating-habits.html

Check out our Video Library

Check out some of our athletes in action, bootcampers busting their butts, dynamic warm ups, exercise demos, cooking demos and much much more. click here for our video section

7500 sq feet of training space = Improved Performance

18 Squat racks, custom platforms, bumper plates, prowlers, two separate turfs, dumbbells up to 115lbs, 8 landmines, custom landmine attachments, a custom "grip zone", farmers walk, safety squat bars, 3 cable stations, battle ropes, a one of a kind custom Jungle Gym... personal training, bootcamps and the capability of training over 20 athletes at ONE TIME! Come check out the facility anytime! Read more

Truly the way a training facility should be!

At 7,500 sq ft, and FOUR seperate training sections, EPC's truly unique layout allows for us to house a Personal Training Section, 2 Athlete Training sections and a unique Bootcamp Section. EPC also has a unique Athlete Only Zone completely separated from the other training sections. With outstanding coaches, a full rehab clinic, dietician and naturapath, EPC is THE place to be to get results. Don't wait, book a free consultation today!. Book Here

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Elite Performance Center Training Overview

Elite Performance Center was founded to serve the unique needs of athletes and athletes at heart. Our goal is to maximize the true potential of every client we work with. We have trained with, competed against and taught athletes at the very highest level of sport, and have combined our vast experience and formal education to provide world-class training and nutrition services to others.

Elite Performance Center is relentlessly committed to helping dedicated athletes realize their maximum potential through an integrated approach to physical training, mental conditioning and complete nutrition. No matter if you are a high school athlete trying to earn a college scholarship, a busy executive juggling career and family, or a professional athlete at the highest level of sport, we want to help you succeed! We will do whatever it takes to help you reach your goal.

EPC is headed by one of the top trainers in the country, Joe Arko. As the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Canadian National Kickboxing Team, host of two TV Shows (Body Fuel and Training with Pro's), sole trainer to 5x World Middleweight Kickboxing Champion Muzammal Nawaz, contributing writing for Inside Fitness (Canada's largest fitness magazine) and trainer to a host of fitness competitors and various athletes, Joe Arko brings over 12 years of training and nutrition experience to the table.

Whether you have never stepped foot into a gym or you are looking to take your body to the next level, EPC is the place to be! We offer customized nutrition and supplement plans, biomechanical assessments, and the best training to get your fitness from Point A to Point B in the quickest time possible.

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January 2014
In season Hockey Training 3:30 and 7:30 Monday to Friday and Saturdays...Read more
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Ultimate Body Transformation Be personally coached by Joe Arko and get in the best shape of your life!...Read more


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