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When it comes to Hockey Conditioning, EPC is your place to be! Scouts and Coaches alike have agreed that EPC is part of the leading edge of hockey conditioning.
Our Elite Hockey program includes not only off season training but in season training as well.

Carter Verhaege Team Canada Gold Medalist

Along with our experienced strength and conditioning coaches, one of the many advantages EPC has is its unique size and layout to accommodate Athletes...the way athletes should be accommodated. Not only can we house over 20 athletes at one time in our main training area, perfect for team training, we also have a 1700 square feet designated Athlete's Only Zone, complete with 6 squat racks and platforms, dumbbells up to 115lbs, trap bars, glute ham raise, tires for flipping and sledge hammer work, a custom made Grip Zone, bumper plates, climbing ropes, reebok core boards, stick handling boards, adjustable benches, battle ropes, plyo boxes, agility equipment and so much more! Come in, open up the big bay doors, pop in your own iPod and crank the tunes and rip it up!!!

Coaches, EPC is truly the best training facility to bring your team. With their own space, never worry about whether your team has to share space with other athletes or private training sessions going on at the same time!

I've been to a lot of facilities and have gone through a lot of programs and I have to say EPC has been by far the best place for me to spend the last 3 years of my training career. This past summer going through the Elite Hockey Program has given me the confidence and physical conditioning needed for the Maple Leaf camp
Carter Verhaege
- Team Canada Gold Medalist 2013/Drafted to Toronto Maple Leafs 2013

We also work with teams to design in season training, dynamic warm-ups, proper stretching techniques to decrease injuries and most importantly designing diet strategies! Learn what to eat on game days, before games and after games and meal plans for the entire week to fuel and repair your body!!

Our program includes:

  • A comprehensive assessment from our clinic director
  • A thorough 1 on 1 nutrition seminar and meal plan
  • Proper education about dynamic warm up, foam rolling and mobility work
  • Customized workout plans
  • Our hockey athletes have access to EPC's Athletes Only Section…private training for maximal concentration and results
  • Coaching from strength and conditioning coaches dedicated to Hockey!

Contact & Address

EPC Training Facility
3466 Mainway,
L7M 1A8 Burlington, Ontario

Phone: (905) 335-3722
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