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Welcome to EPC, the leader in proactive wellness. EPC delivers measurable results through personalized and integrated programs for employees and corporations. In addition to personal/corporate wellness, EPC brand offers nutrition programs that can be customized to your needs. Thousands of elite athletes and everyday folks use the EPC system to improve their health, fitness, nutrition, and performance..

UBT The UBT program is the ultimate program to get you in the best shape AND health!

If you fail to function at an optimal level internally, your body will NOT burn fat effectively! Toxic overload burdens our liver and kidneys among other organs along with being stored in fat cells. Failure to restore our organs to optimal health and ALLOW toxins to be freed from our fats leaves us wasting hours and hours at the gym working for very little gain!

The Ultimate Body Transformation (UBT) program from its fundamentals is focused on regain the most optimal health from within and THEN coupled with exercise, yoga, hot bath's and some cardio if necessary to obtain the best results possible.

Where typical diets fail, the UBT "Pro-Terrain" Nutritional Program initiates the ideal environment, or terrain, and is specifically designed to return us to 'homeostasis' - balance in body, mind and spirit by arresting the theft process of nutrients and degeneration at the cellular level. You will begin to experience the restoration and recovery of normal body functions as you feed your body what it needs to take care of itself from the inside-out.

This process is done by focusing on:

  • The Mouth (a specific type of alkalizing diet, a very specific "flush/feed" diet, green drinks and high alkalizing smoothies coupled with regular eating and understating "food combining")
  • The Stomach (focusing on proper digestion and enzyme support)
  • The intestines (we focus on removing undigested matter from the intestinal walls, and increasing healthy gut flora with probiotics and providing an environment for bad bacteria to no longer flourish inside us)
  • The colon (focusing on proper elimination of waste. Failure to do so will cause build up and putrification of unremoved waste…which is extremely toxic to the body)

Once this is done, we then move into detoxing the liver, kidney's and gallbladder.

When the body is cleansed, provided the right nourishment at the right times, weight loss becomes EASY…energy sky rockets, hair, skin, nails become healthy, and digestive issues go away.

The program looks like this:

Phase One:

Baseline Protocol: The baseline protocol emphasises dietary changes in the body; switching to alkaline foods, juices and smoothies, along with introducing enzymes with your meals, probiotics to improve intestinal function and also focusing on proper waste elimination.

Phase Two:

Gold Protocol: Once the body has gotten used to its nutritional changes, energy has started to increase in the body, and the digestive tract has started to work better, we move into the Gold protocol where we start to introduce hemp oil, a multi mineral support to boost our immune system along with a bacterial defend product. This phase is the final phase to prepare the body for detoxification.

Phase Three: Week 6/7 (phase will depend on your results of phase one and two)

Liver & Gallbladder Cleanse: The hardest and most gratifying part of the program by far! While continuing with the gold protocol eating plan, you will be undergoing and very specific protocol to detoxify your liver and gallbladder. The process will be explained in greater detail leading up to phase three to allow you to understand the process fully.

Phase Four: (phase will depend on your results of phase three)

Kidney Cleanse: The final three weeks on the program will focus on a Master Beet Protocol kidney cleanse. By the end of the program the body will have undergone a complete system restoration! Energy will be at an all time high. Weight will come off much easier. Upon completion of the program we will sit down and formulate a long term plan to sustain your results and build a maintenance plan.

It is recommended to exercise, do hot yoga, and "hot bath" protocols will be given to also aid in detoxing the body. For those living in the Burlington area, we also offer over 20 different Bootcamp workout class times a week, for those that are not in the area, weight training programs and cardio protocols can be provided as well at a small additional fee

Going through the UBT program will be the best decision you will ever make! If you are interested in learning more, please feel free to send me an email at and I will be happy to assist you!

I look forward to working with you!

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EPC Training Facility
3466 Mainway,
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Phone: (905) 335-3722
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