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Elite Proformance Center was founded to serve the unique needs of athletes and athletes at heart. Our goal is to maximize the true potential of every client we work with. We have trained with, competed against and taught athletes at the very highest level of sport, and have combined our vast experience and formal education to provide world-class training and nutrition services to others. See what some of the industy professionals have said about us!

Testimonial 1:
Joe Arko possesses an amazing understanding of how biomechanics, nutrition, physiology, strength and conditioning development all interconnect. His knowledge allows him to create programs to suit any level of athlete in any sport. He also has an incredible 'tool box' of training activities, exercises and strategies. He employs a systematic approach to athletic development using variety so that your body has to continually develop and you are continually challenged. CASK has selected Joe Arko as our Strength and Conditioning Coach for our National Team. Any club that wants to produce World Champions or just improve the performance of their work with Joe Arko.
Muzammal Nawaz
- 5x World Middleweight Kickboxing Champion
-President of CASK>

Testimonial 2:
An accomplished athlete, a talented coach, and budding TV personality, Joe Arko is one of the most knowledgeable strength and physique transformation specialists in Canada.
John Berardi, PhD, CSCS
- President, Precision Nutrition, Inc

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EPC Training Facility
3466 Mainway,
L7M 1A8 Burlington, Ontario

Phone: (905) 335-3722
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