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Need some inspiration for personal training program design? Want to learn how to make a clean healty meal? Looking for ways to do a proper warm-up? EPC's Video Vault gives FREE access to all our videos.

To-the-point videos that will expand your options and ideas when it comes to fitness. Top educators progress and regress each move so you can teach to any level of exerciser.

I hope you enjoy!

ABC Tubing Extensions
Cheerleader Lunge
Forward Leg Swings
Gate Swings
Heel to Hip
High Knee Carioca
Inch Worm
Knee Hugs
Kneeling Kickbacks
Kneeling Alternate Supermans
Lateral Leg Swings
Single Leg Raise with Jump
Low Cross Over Steps
Mountain Climbers
Rotational Punches
Scissor Jumps
Seal Jumps
Single Leg Toe Touch
Tubing Squat and Row
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