EPC - Official HYROX Partner Gym

Discover the future of functional fitness with HYROX Training — an innovative workout program that combines cardio, strength, and stamina. Tailored for athletes of all skill levels, HYROX offers a comprehensive challenge that blends high-intensity routines with endurance exercises, designed to push both your body and mind to new limits.

EPC's HYROX certified coach Andrew Corry

HYROX - Combining Strength and Endurance

Designed for athletes of all levels

Designed for athletes of all levels, our Burlington HYROX gym offers a top-tier HYROX Training experience.

Inspired by the renowned global fitness competition that mixes running and resistance training, the HYROX training sessions at our HYROX gym in Burlington replicate the intensity and rigor of these events. Under the guidance of certified coaches, participants navigate through a variety of workouts that not only build muscle and endurance but also improve agility and mental toughness.

Whether you’re gearing up for a HYROX competition or aiming to take your fitness to the next level, our HYROX gym in Burlington provides the tools, techniques, and motivation you need to achieve your goals. Join us at Elite Performance Center and redefine your boundaries!

A Fitness Competition for Everyone

Run the race at your own pace…

HYROX is a fitness racing event that combines running with functional workouts. It’s designed to test both endurance and strength, making it suitable for a wide range of athletes. The competition format involves an 8-kilometer run, broken up by eight different functional workout stations.

HYROX events are held in cities around the world, and participants can compete individually or in teams. The event is accessible to athletes of various fitness levels, with different divisions such as Open, Pro, and Doubles to accommodate varying levels of ability and experience. The emphasis on both endurance and functional strength makes HYROX a unique and challenging fitness competition.

8 Stations to test your endurance

Here’s a breakdown of a HYROX event:

-- Start with 1st 1km run
1st workout station: 1000m SkiErg

-- Move to 2nd 1km run
2nd workout station: 50m sled push (weight varies by category)

-- Move to 3rd 1km run
3rd workout station: 50m sled pull (weight varies by category)

-- Move to 4th 1km run
4th workout station: 80m burpee broad jump

-- Move to 5th 1km run
5th workout station: 1000m row

-- Move to 6th 1km run
6th workout station: 200m farmers carry (weight varies by category)

-- Move to 7th 1km run
7th workout station: 100m sandbag lunges

-- Move to 8th 1 km run
8th workout station: 100 wall balls


HYROX Trainer and Coach

Andrew is a Burlington native and serves with the Burlington Fire & Emergency Services.

A lifelong fitness enthusiast, Andrew has always enjoyed pushing himself at various gyms across town.

HYROX entered his life as the perfect challenge, and he hasn’t looked back…

After conquering 4 competitions, Andrew’s passion for HYROX led him to become a Certified Coach.

His enthusiasm didn’t stop there – he’s now a North American Ambassador for HYROX!

Andrew working the sled pull